SCOOT open ship day 12 November

On the 12th of November we open the door (even more than usual) to SCOOT and the gangway to new and shiny R/V Skagerak! On 15th of October the king inaugurated the ship, and now we welcome companies and entrepreneurs, who are interested in the most modern technologies for making observations in the ocean. This day serves as a learning and planning day for the coming SCOOT at sea days early 2022, when we make R/V Skagerak available, primarily for small and medium sized companies in western Sweden. 12th of November is an opportunity to

  • visit Sweden’s most modern research vessel,
  • meet representatives from the SCOOT consortium (University of Gothenburg, MMT Sweden AB, SMHI),
  • discuss how your company can use SCOOT’s resources, including R/V Skagerak.
We are very happy to announce this opportunity to visit our new vessel, and to plan for usage at sea. By making R/V Skagerak available we want to strengthen innovation as well as collaboration between industry and the university.

Place: Nya Varvet in Gothenburg (see maps below), it is only a 2 minute walk between the ship and SCOOT’s space.

Time: The ship will be open 9 am – 6 pm, on the 12th of November.


R/V Skagerak:
SCOOT: (exept on the 12th)
R/V Skagerak at home port Nya Varvet in Gothenburg. Photo by Thomas Dahlgren.