ODOH breakfast: Sensor platforms with many opportunities

Thanks for a nice breakfast meeting!

We were 6 persons having our morning coffee at Nya Varvet and another 6 joining the video meeting. Picking up from Sept 29th, we talked at some length about opportunities (and challenges) around data from tagged animals and from sensors mounted on fishing gear/vessels. Take home messages:

  • These data have huge potential to fill serious gaps in existing ocean monitoring programmes, where other and autonomous methods struggle. These gaps include shelf and coastal seas and marginal ice zones.
  • The cost-benefit relation is very good!
  • The infrastructure for collecting and distributing these data is rapidly expanding and maturing.
  • Challenges include subsurface communication and integration into existing monitoring data flows.

Recording from the meeting.

SCOOT and VOTO (Voice Of The Ocean) proudly invite you to breakfast at Nya Varvet and over Zoom. On Wednesday, October 21st, coffee is served from 7.45 am, with Zoom meeting starting 8 am.

Join us at Nya Varvet:

Simply pop in at Skeppet Ärans väg 3.

Please send us a message so we can prepare your coffee and sandwich.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Use this link.

Meeting ID: 627 5349 1543; Passcode: 577860

We have gathered 4 presenters from the conference, who all talked about collecting ocean data from very interesting (unexpected?) platforms (please note that we will do only 1 minute reminders of each original presentation, and then we will go directly to discussions):

1. Tagging Tuna for data in Kattegatt and Skagerack (Andreas Sundelöf & Gustav Hellström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

2. Tagging Elephant Seals for Data in the Southern Ocean (Fabien Roquet, University of Gothenburg)

Play Video

3. Fishing for Data: Opportunities to fill gaps in ocean observation networks via collaboration with fishers (Cooper Van Vranken, Berring Data Collective)

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4. Prelude to sailing ships: collection of wind data using LIDAR on operational shipping (Mikael Razola, Wallenius Marine)

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Thank you all participants! Great to have you with us at the venue Nya Varvet in Gothenburg and all who joined online!

Recordings of the conference will be published soon.

Promo videos

Links for breaks

People in the workshop

1. Louise, research coordinator VOTO: Gliders on the storm…

2. Olle, oceanographic technician VOTO: The game changer for observing the Baltic Sea…

3. Anna, physical oceanographer GU: Going under the “doomsday glacier”… and making it back!

4. Elsa, Science Club in Lysekil: We are the next generation…

5. Ola, Chalmers Revere lab: “Self driving cars and trucks starts to feel a bit done…”

6. Daniel, oceanographic technician SMHI: And then we put robotics in the marine monitoring programme…

Robotics demonstration

1. SeaExplorers & Sailbuoys: Technology and operations

Louise & Olle shows and tells in the workshop

2. Dynamene: A drifter for ocean science

Students from the Science Club show and tell about their drifter and data from today's deployment.

3. Seacat

Experimental 1 tonne autonomous platform. Operating software from self-driving cars and trucks.

4. Flying drone

Live feed from camera, landing and taking off from Seacat

4. Green Pilot

Decommissioned pilot boat for experimental work: Autonomous navigation and camera suit, gathering data for AI.